Tansy Davies | Composer
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  • ".. an alluringly blended sound of great plasticity that appears to throb and breathe like a living organism. [Forest] maintains a poetic tension throughout."
    The New York Times
  • “[Between Worlds] may be an operatic debut, but it announces Tansy Davies as the most original new voice in the game.”     
    The Independent
  • This is not polite, deferential music, it has grit and wit.
    The Times
  • “Davies’s score is a fabulously inventive aural fabric: exploding shards of sound frozen in a kind of cosmic aspic.” 
    The Evening Standard
  • "Davies at times reaches that place of emotional embodiment that only music can capture, and wraps it in a dark yet cathartic embrace." 
    The Arts Desk
  • "Davies has composed a tension-filled and incident-packed piece that goes beyond the potential showmanship of the title; indeed it is deep and thought-provoking.

    Forest is dedicated to Salonen and sustains its twenty-three minutes compellingly and with satisfaction ... hopefully it will soon be recorded."
    Classical Source