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Most performers have to to be physically fit, strong and healthy. I think composing can be just as strenuous, in different ways. Never more so than while I was composing my opera, Between Worlds, particularly during the last three months of work, when I felt I was running a virtual marathon across a desert; and this was at the very end of four years of deep thinking and hard work. Big pieces present a sustained challenge that need a strong body to support the long periods of intense concentration. I try to stay strong, fit and healthy, so I can keep on top of my workload with aim of producing the best quality work I can. I think this can probably be applied to all of us, whatever work we do.

This year I discovered a very effective fitness programme at my nearby gym GI Local, that combines High Intensity Interval Training, Weight Training and Circuit training. What I Iove about the workouts I get there is ratio of time spent to results acheived: the 45 minute workouts are speedily transformative and very satisfying! GI Local have now designed a phone application for the workouts I do with Gintas and his team, so that anyone anywhere can do them at home.

You get:

Workout plans
Exercise videos
Phone application
Diet plan
Tracking of your progress on the app
Unlimited support

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