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The first full album devoted to the unique music of British composer Tansy Davies.


"This disc, vividly recorded and succinctly annotated, can only win new admirers for Davies' music"
- Gramophone

"A pungent musical language distinctly her own"
- The Guardian

An "exuberant new CD...The Azalea Ensemble "recreates [Davies'] faintly disturbing landscape pieces with precision and grit"
- The Times

"There's a satisfying darkness to Davies' imagination...This is music with unsettling power and immediacy"
- The Arts Desk

"...A language that is pervasively energetic, at times spiky, but capable too of moments of delicate repose. The Azalea Ensemble, under the able direction of Christopher Austin, are keen interpreters of this supple and eclectic music."

"Anna Snow’s voice, deployed with sparing use of vibrato, seems ideally suited to "period informed" performance; yet she's also able to conquer the postmodern pitch language and challenging tessitura of this work with assuredness."
- Christian Carey, Sequenza21